Giáng Long Đại Sư: Tróc Yêu Bảng

Dragon Hunter (2020)

Li Xiu Yuan, who is kind and upright, and optimistic, determined to take credit for his achievements. On his way to this year ’s scientific expedition, he met the little white dragon injured by the demon master Yin Ping. The soul of the little white dragon accidentally entered Li Xiu Yuan ’s body and personality The diametrically opposite Jiao and human souls control the same body, but they will alteate when encountering water. Unexplained Li Xiu Yuan continued to enter Beijing to take the exam, accidentally hit the bottom of the ranking of the demon catcher list, the unhappy female demon catcher three lives. At the beginning, San Sheng wanted to catch the dragon demon and realize his wish to be on the top ten of the demon list, but after deeply understanding the situation of Li Xiu Yuan and Xiao Bai Long, he knew that if he wanted to surrender to Xiao Bai Long, he would lose Li Xiu Yuan in vain. The life of this innocent man. So, San Sheng decided to help Xiao Bai Long find the Li Zhu that could release his soul, which would not only reunite him with his mother, but also save Li Xiu Yuan.

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